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Kent Anderson, author of Choosing to Preach, agrees to work with a limited number of preachers every year to help them evaluate and improve their preaching. Such preachers send a digital video copy of their sermon along with a copy of their notes or manuscript. Dr. Anderson agrees to listen to the sermon and provide a thoughtful and thorough video-taped evaluation based upon the following criteria:

  • Was the sermon faithful to the Bible in its theology and intent?
  • Did the sermon effectively communicate one big idea, true to the biblical text and relevant to the listener?
  • Was the sermon well-conceived and effectively constructed, so as to achieve the most strategic impact on the listener?
  • Were stories well chosen, wisely deployed, and effectively told?
  • Was the point(s) of the sermon logically argued and intellectually compelling?
  • Did the preacher show respect for the listener, allowing room for counter-arguments and questions that lead to a deeper persuasion?
  • Did the preacher effectively motivate the listener to a clear and compelling vision of a better future as God leads?

While sermon evaluation is a subjective matter, Dr. Anderson will do his best to encourage the preacher, utilizing the principles described in his writings and at Costs for this service are as follows.

First Sermon: $125.00
Subsequent Sermons: $99.00
Three Sermon Package: $249.00
Student Discount: -10%


Kenton C. Anderson, PhD is President and Dean of Northwest Baptist Seminary and Professor of Homiletics at ACTS Seminaries (Trinity Western University).

He is the author of Choosing to Preach (Zondervan 2006), Preaching with Conviction (Kregel 2001), Preaching with Integrity (Kregel 2003) and was a contributing editor to The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching (Zondervan 2005).

He owns and operates and is a Past-President of the Evangelical Homiletics Society. Contact him at


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