Sermon Cloud

I’ve recently noticed a new resource being used on church webpages as a way of offering sermons to a wider public. Sermon Cloud offers churches the opportunity to “syndicate” their Sunday sermons for downloading, podcasting and a wider distribution than is normally possible through a normal church website.

The service is free to both churches and individuals. One of the benefits is that listeners can access a church’s sermons through the general Sermon Cloud website and not just through the church’s site. For example, one can click on “faith” on the Sermon Cloud site and be lead to all the recent and relevant sermons that deal with the matter of faith, including your own. Listeners can search, listen, comment, and even “say amen.”

The idea of “cloud” is not to suggest any kind of foggy preaching. It refers, rather, to the “word cloud” approach to searching. In this case, key sermon words are highlighted in a “cloud” that features the most used words in bolder and larger type. This offers listeners a quick and easy way to get to the themes that they are looking for.

If you’re looking for a great way to get your preaching to a wider audience, try Sermon Cloud.