Preach by Ear


Dave McClellan, a preacher, homiletician, and friend, has just launched Preach By Ear, a website and DVD designed to help preachers more effectively preach without notes. McLellan offers several short videos on the website that introduce the preacher to his techniques. The full DVD system is available on the website for purchase.

I believe in the power of extemporaneous preaching. Preaching without notes is not about memorizing a manuscript, or about preaching unprepared. It is, rather, taking care to develop the sermon orally and to assimilate it thoroughly for presentation. I have had a lot to say about the subject in my own books. I’m pleased to see that now there is a resource to help preachers more deliberately with the task.

McClellan is an expert on the subject of rhetoric (see his feature article on “Dead Pagans”. Preach by Ear offers lessons learned from the ancients and applied to the practice of contemporary preaching. I highly recommend it.