Mechanical Accuracy

I really appreciate the following comment, make by David Fitch…

In the Great Giveaway I wrote a chapter entitled “The Myth of Expository Preaching: Why We Must Do More Than Wear Scrolls On Our Foreheads.”  I admit I still love that title.  It gets across the idea that preaching is much more than presenting “accurate” Biblical information that Christians can “apply” to their lives with the hopes of improving as Christians. This kind of preaching is a mechanical exercise. It puts the hearer in charge “over” the Word, not in submission to the Word under the Lordship of Christ. That’s bad, because when I am in charge of what I’m hearing, transformation rarely happens.

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One thought on “Mechanical Accuracy

  1. Personally, I feel that a solid exegetical sermon is a baseline or basic expectation of any sermon. Of course preachers should be preaching the Word, but it is a delicate dance to submit the Scriptures while also exercising value judgments about the passage over issues like proper translation, what the is passage saying, and what the passage is saying to me / us now. To maintain the balance of the Scripture’s authority over the preacher with the authority of the preacher to distill the passage and present it to the congregation requires precision and humility. Going down the stream even further, how do listeners “gatekeep” their hearts without unduly limiting the transforming power of the Scriptures?

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